Details emerge on the condition of 2-year-old child struck by foul ball at Yankees game


The New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins game was briefly stopped in the fifth inning Wednesday afternoon after a two-year-old child was struck in the mouth by a foul ball.

Todd Frazier immediately dropped to a knee after fouling the ball into the stands, and other players quickly followed suit.

ESPN updated the condition of the young girl on late Wednesday evening, as the family released information that "she's doing all right", but that it was still too early to know if surgery would be required.

Her father and grandfather spoke briefly with reporters there Wednesday night. When asked whether she would need surgery, the girl's father, who declined to give his name, said: "It's too early to tell."

"She's doing all right. Just keep her in your thoughts," he told WABC-NY.

The game was stopped for several minutes after the foul ball, as the players on the field were clearly shaken as medical personnel attended to the child's injuries.


The story will be updated as more information is learned on the young girl's condition.