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Remember that time you were so embarrassed by something that all you could do was shake your head and make fun of yourself? Or the time you did some pretty ridiculous things just to pass the time? Both were the New York Mets in a nutshell on Tuesday night.

A humiliating 25-4 loss to the Washington Nationals on the last day of July isn?t going to make or break the season. The already hapless Mets are a couple of marathons from the playoffs, yet for some reason are not the worst team in the National League thanks to the putrid San Diego Padres and Miami Marlins.

Still, the night was significant because New York, a team which seems to love to lose for some reason and waved the white flag by not making any moves at the trade deadline, suffered its worst margin of defeat since the club began playing baseball in 1962, and it was pure comedy.

Let?s get some of the game basics out of the way: Every Nationals starter plated two runs and every starter except Matt Weiters had at least two hits. That includes starting pitcher Tanner Roark.

Additionally, the Nationals scored the most runs of any MLB team in the last decade and led 19-0 after five innings, which has also made its way into the history books.

Oh, you want highlights? Sure.

That game itself isn?t that funny, unless you just despise the Mets. What happened after the game was completely out of reach is what was so comical.


In the top of the eighth inning, sometime after New York finally scored to make it an 18-run deficit, SNY broadcasters Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez hilariously read the Mets? media guide to pass the time. No joke.

Then, in the bottom of the eighth, veteran infielder Jose Reyes pitched. And not only did he pitch, he gave up five hits and six earned runs while walking two batters for a hefty one-inning ERA of 54.00.

Reyes also plunked Nationals infielder Ryan Zimmerman with a 54-mph heater to the back of the knee, in which Zimmerman fake charged the mound with a smile on his face.

And finally, after the never-give-up Mets scored three runs in the top of the ninth inning, the organization decided to completely troll itself on social media.

For a team nowhere near a playoff race, the Mets sure made us all laugh throughout their historic loss.

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