MMA Fighter Loses Fight Then Gets His Marriage Proposal Rejected All In The Same Night

Lukas Bukovaz, a MMA fighter from the Czech Republic, might have had the most embarrassing night of his life.

After losing a fight, he then thought it might be a good idea to do a marriage proposal while still in the cage. That is to say, in front of 20,000 fans who just witnessed his defeat, all got to see Bukovaz's heart get broken, as his girlfriend said "no" after he popped the question.

Upon seeing her pink-haired boyfriend get down on one knee, the woman immediately puts her hand over her face in embarrassment (not in excitement), which is never the best indicator when a proposal is happening.

X/@HappyPunch screenshot

When translating what she said, "Based on everything that's happened, I think probably not," she responded. "I don't think so."

This then made the crowd go wild with boos, and actually prompted a reaction from Bukovaz's coach, who tried to throw water at the girl.

When explaining her reasoning for denying the engagement, she stated that the fighter had evidently cheated on her, which Bukovaz is said to have denied this allegation.

All in all, unfortunately Bukovaz took two L's in one night, in what ended up being a worst possible scenario type of ending. Considering this, it will be hard for anyone to top this level of embarrassment, as Bukovaz couldn't have expected any 15-minute span of his life to have gone this bad.

The fans gathered that evening to see the Clash of the Stars tournament, which showcased a 2 vs. 1 MMA bout. All those in attendance watched Bukovas and teammate Patrik Horvath lose despite being the heavy favorite to win the fight, for they had the advantage by only going against one fighter, Jan Michalek. Yet, everyone will agree, this wasn't even the biggest defeat they saw Bukovas take that night.

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