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Controversial ex-ESPN reporter throws company under the bus following layoff


Former ESPN broadcaster Britt McHenry was a part of the company's massive layoffs this spring, and she has taken sporadic shots at the company ever since.

McHenry's latest shot came in the form of a Washington Post interview, where she says that ESPN attempted to monitor her conservative political views and that ESPN unfairly favors certain viewpoints over others.

From the Washington Post:

But she also believes that politically conservative viewpoints are dramatically underrepresented in sports media, both at ESPN and beyond. She said her Twitter account was monitored for political content while she worked at ESPN, and that she sometimes raised eyebrows in Bristol with political sentiments she tweeted and political tweets she favorited.


"I saw the move towards commentary and personality in sports in general, and I just felt like why isn't this counterpoint being talked about? When there's a panel talking about how great Colin Kaepernick's stance is, why wasn't there a person to counter that? So it's nice to be able to kind of say things. And I don't care if people hate on me, I really don't."

McHenry, 31, also mentioned that she may look for a career in politics following her layoff from ESPN.


McHenry is perhaps best known for an incident two years ago where she went on a vicious tirade against a tow lot employee. In her temper tantrum, McHenry made fun of the employee's appearance, her education level and pretty much said she's better than the tow lot employee because she's on the news.

McHenry apologized for the incident and was originally suspended for one week.