FOX Sports has responded after analyst made things awkward during CNN’s Jemele Hill debate @windwardgolf/Twitter

Clay Travis has managed to increase his profile on the back of criticism of ESPN and he took his “talents” to CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin on Friday. In a hurry, things became quite awkward when Travis indicated that he completely believes in only two things and they are “the first amendment and boobs.”

As you can see the reaction was mixed and this might be embarrassing for FOX Sports given that Travis is often introduced as an employee of the company. Oh, and Travis was seemingly quite happy with his performance.

While the performance certainly gained some traction on the internet, FOX Sports managed to swiftly distance itself from Travis in the aftermath, indicating that he is not actually an employee of the company and has not been for “six months.”

In some ways, this is simple semantics given that Travis appears on FOX Sports Radio but, technically, the statement is accurate in that he is simply a syndicated talent at this point. That, of course, won’t (and probably shouldn’t) stop anyone from associating Travis’ rhetoric with FOX Sports given that they passively condone it but the statement does stand on its own in some ways.


Clay Travis will likely be back at it in the near future but FOX Sports wants you to know that he isn’t directly representing them.

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