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Dad Crushes National Anthem After Sound System Fails

When the national anthem is played at a sporting event, most people remove their hats and cross a hand over their heart. Some hum along to the tune while others appreciate it silently. Others kneel during it (but that's a story for a different day).

How many can say they stepped in during technical difficulties and absolutely blew everyone away with their angelic pipes to sing the national anthem. I've seen this happen in a crowd at a softball game, but nothing quite like what a dad in Ohio did without a freaking microphone.

Dad Crushes National Anthem

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An Ohio high school basketball game was set to begin between Waverly and Portsmouth West. The announcer asked everyone to rise for the national anthem.

When it didn't play, several awkward seconds went by.

Once it was clear the sound system was having trouble, Trenton Brown stepped in and belted the Star-Spangled Banner like he was Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl.

According to, the father of basketball player Ezekiel Brown began singing the tune at the request of his wife next to him.

Johnny Futhey, another parent in the stands, posted the video to Facebook and shared what it was like capturing the beautiful moment.

"Just Wow! Audio wouldn't work to play the National Anthem at tonight's Waverly-Portsmouth West game. It got quiet and a little awkward then out of nowhere Ezekiel Brown's dad Trenton steps up big time and sings with no mic, no music, just talent! Wow someone needs to sign this guy!" Futhey wrote.

We've come across some pretty amazing national anthem renditions. The country-singing high school football player blessed us before his game. This one from 3-year-old Drake Winslow never fails to amaze us.

Now, when is a record label going to recognize Trenton Brown?

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