Hockey player banned for two years for vicious, dirty shot; should have gotten life

Swedish hockey player Viktor Thomasson was suspended the maximum, two-year length by the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation Friday, after Thomasson delivered a vicious crosscheck to the head of an opposing player.

The play, which can be seen above, shows Thomasson skating half the length of the rink (at full speed) to take out Tommy Latouche-Gauvin, who had tussled with Thomasson’s brother a few moments before.

Latouche-Gauvin suffered neck pain as a result of the blow but was not seriously injured.

“[Viktor] is very remorseful,” said coach Håkan Ferm. “He has a certain style of play and it happens sometimes that it crosses the line. But he is very sorry that he might have injured another player, and that he hurt our team as well.”

As Sports Illustrated noted, Thomasson is expected to appeal the suspension.

“He knows he made a big foul, but he should still be allowed to do other things,” said team official Leif Halvorson.

He should most certainly appeal the suspension. He got off far too easy for the hit that he delivered.


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