Man Fractures Boy’s Skull for “Disrespecting” National Anthem
Montana Department of Corrections via AP

Political arguments have become more ridiculous than this woman explaining what ‘miles per hour’ really means. Everywhere you look, people on both sides of the aisle look for any reason to scream and shout that their opinion is the right one. But while many don’t agree with the national anthem protests that grabbed the sports world’s attention in recent years, every American should believe in showing respect during the Star-Spangled Banner.

“Respect” takes different forms. Military veterans salute the flag and regular citizens are asked to stand and face the flag. Another recommended sign of respect, even though thousands upon thousands of men and women don’t do this, is removing your hat. At the Mineral County Fairgrounds in western Montana, one man took matters into his own hands when that last “rule” wasn’t followed.

According to MTN News, eyewitnesses claim that Curt Brockway, a grown-ass man, grabbed a 13-year-old boy by the neck and slammed him to the ground. The reason? The boy apparently did not remove his hat during the national anthem.

Brockway was accused of assaulting the child, who was taken to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in nearby Spokane with temporal skull fractures. Megan Keeler is the boy’s mom, and she told CBS-affiliate KPAX-TV her son was in a lot of pain and bled from ears for six hours afterwards.

This 39-year-old told police the boy cursed at him after Brockway asked that he remove the hat. No witnesses confirmed Brockway’s account of the story, and Keeler said that no exchange took place between the two.

Brockway was arrested and made his initial court appearance in Mineral County the following Monday.

Are we serious with this? Go to ANY sporting event where the national anthem is played and I guarantee you my life savings (spoiler alert: it’s not much…) you will count at least 10 people wearing their hat during the anthem. This Montana man is an idiot, not a social justice warrior trying to keep America first.


According to a police report obtained by MTN News, Brockway pled guilty to assault with a weapon after pulling out a gun and threatening to kill a random family back in 2010. His 10-year prison sentence was suspended.


I understand if you don’t want professional athletes taking a knee during the anthem, but let’s get real. Body-slamming young boys is just insanity of the highest form.

This article was originally published August 7, 2019.

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