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12 Pool Volleyball Nets for Hot Afternoons (And Competitive Families)

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There are two kinds of people in the world. People who like sand volleyball and people who like pool volleyball in the summer. Which one are you? I know it's a tough decision, but pool volleyball is kind of superior. I get very competitive during pool volleyball.

Remember the pool volleyball scene in Meet the Parents? "It's only a game, Focker." Yeah, right. I've been the pool volleyball champion for years. I'm ready to defend my title this summer!

Feeling up for the challenge as well? Grab a pool volleyball net for the family and invite your neighbors over for a friendly game of pool volleyball.

How Tall Should a Volleyball Net Be

That absolutely depends on gender and age. Youth typically play volleyball with a net standing six to seven feet tall, women play with a volleyball net standing around 7 feet, 4 inches tall, and men's standard volleyball nets will be around 7 feet, 11.5 inches tall. Men and women can knock off a couple of inches if they are above the age of 45. Check out Sports Imports for their definitive guide.

(It's mostly preference if you're playing at home, though.)

This is different for pools, your net will likely be three feet tall. Remember, these posts are typically adjustable, so you'll be able to find the perfect one for your in-ground or above-ground pool.

We did pick out nets for your individual pool situations to make shopping easier.

Have fun, be safe, and don't forget your sunscreen.

Best Pool Volleyball Net Systems

1. Sanung Volleyball Net with Steel Wire for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

Best portable volleyball net option under $30

Sanung's volleyball net is made from PE material, making it a great outdoor volleyball net. This net will be able to make it through the summer without aging a day!

Keep in mind that poles are not included. I'd consider this net if you'd like to take it apart and bring it to your vacation spot for beach volleyball. However, it's an excellent fit for a large swimming pool.

2. Poolmaster 72786 Above-Ground Mounted Poolside Volleyball

Best non-inflatable option for above-ground pool

Poolmaster's above-ground net is a good option for those who have above-ground pools and don't like the idea of an inflatable set. The $99 pool volleyball system comes with a net, side ties, upright poles, and bracket mounts for attaching to 4-inch or wider top rails. It even includes badminton rackets and birdies.

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3. SwimWays Poolside Volleyball Set for Inground Swimming Pools

Best in-ground pool option under $55

SwimWays is a top-notch brand for all things swimming. The pricing is fantastic on the heavy-duty net. It's only $46 and has nearly 600 positive ratings. The net is 24-feet long and includes two heavy-duty stands that you can fill with sand or water for extra stability.

It only weighs about seven pounds, so the kids shouldn't have any issues setting it up!

4. Swimline Molded Cross-Pole Volly

Best in-ground option for pools up to 20-feet wide

Swimline's $48 net fits in-ground pools up to 20-feet in width and comes with a volleyball. This is another great in-ground pool option for the family. The durability of the net is fantastic. You'll also receive sturdy blow-molded posts for extra stability.

5. Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net 

Best option under $45 for pools 24-feet wide

Park & Sun's volleyball net is easy to set up. The 24-foot wide net comes with telescopic PVC poles for stability and two 15-foot cords and ground stakes for additional net tensioning. No one likes a saggy net! Feel free to fill the support bases with sand or water for extra stability. Customers seem to think it's sturdy and worth every penny for their above-ground pool!

6. GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Net Includes 2 Water Volleyballs and Pump

Best overall option for all in-ground pools

Of course, we had to add in Amazon's Choice for pool volleyball sets. Over 1,000 customers gave it a perfect rating. The net comes with two water volleyballs, one pump, and posts for stability. It's perfect for lap pools, rounded pools, rectangular pools, and more. The net is $119, but it sounds like the easy setup is worth every penny.

Check out this review from Tim.

Best Inflatable Pool Volleyball Nets for Above-Ground & In-Ground Pools

Best overall inflatable option

I highly recommend inflatable options for above-ground pools or for anyone who doesn't want to set up an in-ground net. This inflatable net comes with an inflatable volleyball.

Feel free to add anchor weights to the net! Check out this perfect review.

8. MeiGuiSha Swimming Pool Volleyball Set- Water Game 2021 Edition

Best inflatable option for style

This $40 inflatable net is very creative! Not only can you use it for volleyball, but kids can also use it as a pool float. The ship design is too cool.

9. JOYIN Inflatable Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops Pool Float Set

Best inflatable combo game under $28

JOYIN's pool sport combo game comes with an inflatable net and inflatable pool basketball hoop. This is a great option under $28 for kids who love multiple sports.

10. SUN Searcher Floating Inflatable Pool Volleyball Game Set for Swimming Pool

Best inflatable volleyball net under $22

Here's another fantastic inflatable net for pool volleyball. The durable net inflates in minutes and deflates in seconds for easy transportation.

11. QPAU Inflatable Pool Float Set, Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Net


Best combo game set under $30

Here's another great volleyball and basketball set for kiddos. The game comes with weight bags to keep the volleyball net in place. Check out this awesome review.

12. Inflatable Pool Float Game Combo Set | Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoop

Another great 2-in-1 option under $40

In case you weren't convinced those were great options, consider this 2-in-1 set as well. The set comes with one inflatable volleyball net, inflatable volleyball, inflatable basketball hoop, and inflatable basketball.

The net has two weighted pouches on the bottom so that you can fill them with water. (This will keep it sturdy and prevent it from floating away.)

This post was originally published on March 10, 2021.

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