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Grab your old Jordans, AND1s, Nike Zooms, or whatever you used to sport back in the day. Inflatable basketball courts, football fields, and soccer fields exist, and it’s time to get warmed up before showing off your game. If you don’t have a spacious driveway as your designated play area, you can make the backyard your favorite spot for outdoor fun.

This inflatable bounce house works as a sports arena for three sports! It features inflatable basketball hoops and goalposts. This heavy-duty playhouse comes with an air blower, repair kit, and one carry bag, so you’re all set.

1. Inflatable Soccer Basketball Field Football Bounce Sport Arena With Air Blower

bounce arena

It looks like a blast, but the multi-sport arena is a bit pricey, so I recommend checking out Amazon for alternatives. You can find a variety of inflatable basketball games like this one. Who says outdoor play is just for kids?

2. Sportspower Fly Slama Jama Inflatable Basketball Court

Sportspower Fly Slama Jama Inflatable Basketball Court

This PVC basketball court is tough, so feel free to get in on the fun. It inflates in less than two minutes and comes with one basketball.

3. Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field, Outdoor Soccer Arena for Kids

Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field, Outdoor Soccer Arena for Kids

Check out this inflatable soccer field. Sportspower kept it budget-friendly. It’s under $200, and customer reviews are perfect.

amazon review
amazon review

A customer said, “My kids LOVE this! They love playing soccer and hockey and they play both games on this court. My older son asked me for a hockey rink for his birthday so I bought this for him. The look on his face was priceless with I plugged this in and he saw it take shape. My kids play want to play on it every day.”


Another customer got creative and put soap and water on it. It looks like this arena can be turned into an inflatable water slide too. Forget water parks!

4. Sportspower Quick Set-Up Multi Sports Trainer for Baseball, Football, and Soccer

Sportspower Quick Set-Up Multi Sports Trainer for Baseball, Football, and Soccer

Alright, baseball fans. We’ve got something for you too. This multi-sport playset has an inflatable backboard that is perfect for throwing pitches.

5. Magic Time International Sports Arena

Magic Time International Sports Arena

Another great option to consider is Magic Union’s sports arena. If you can do without inflatable surfaces, you’ll love this one. The frame is inflatable, but you can play on the grass.

It has a large playing field, two basketball goals, and two soccer goals. This play center might be my overall pick. It’s under $300 and seems safe for an entire family to play in.

These inflatable playsets will come in handy while we social distance. Get outside with your family! When this is all over, you’ll have the perfect playset for a birthday party, family reunion, and more.


Okay now, where can I find an inflatable wrestling ring?

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