FOX Sports is in the midst of laying off several digital writers and editors, and social media specialist Tyson Winter was a part of the layoffs.

There was only one small problem with Winter’s dismissal — he was initially told he wouldn’t be let go, only to find out the next day he would be because the new vice president didn’t know who he was.

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According to Awful Announcing, Winter attended a meeting and was told he was safe. FOX Sports president of national networks Jamie Horowitz called a meeting to discuss the layoffs and told everyone else in the room they didn’t have to worry about being fired.

When Winter tried to log on to his computer, it wasn’t working. When he called IT for help, they told him his computer had been deactivated and he needed to talk to his manager. However, Winter’s manager had been fired, and so he had to talk to someone in human resources.

The HR rep told Winter, “So sorry, we regret to inform you, we were supposed to tell you this yesterday, and there was a miscommunication, and we didn’t.”

FOX Sports has to lay off several employees just like ESPN did a few months ago, and it sounds like neither company handled the firings well. The case with Winter was embarrassing for FOX, who is still trying to establish itself as a top company like ESPN.

It won’t take long for news to spread of how FOX handled Winter’s dismissal, and it’s a bad look for the company moving forward.

(h/t Awful Announcing)

FOX reportedly laid off one reporter just a day after telling him that his job was safe George Frey/Getty Images
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