ESPN Free Agent Commercials

The 5 Best Commercials Featuring the NBA's Top 2018 Free Agents

LeBron James will become an unrestricted free agent. The King might place his throne somewhere else. The best player on the planet can go anywhere he so chooses and shake up the entire NBA once again. Let the madness officially begin.

NBA Free Agency is serious business, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Despite the relentless rumors, which will make your head spin, there are billboards and fake trade scenarios that make this time of year highly entertaining.

This summer is a little different, though. There are usually big-time players on the market each and every year, but 2018 features some of the game's biggest stars, including the absolute biggest in James.

So in light of this not-so-shocking news of James opting out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the craziness that will certainly ensue, let's take a look at the top commercials from the best NBA free agents.

1. LeBron James

There are really too many good options here. Seriously, it impossible to choose. From "The Rise" to the "Tattoo," James has dominated this decade with commercials like no other NBA star. But since it is the summer, let's throw it back to an all-time classic.

Oh, and don't forget this just happened, too.

2. Kevin Durant

Before he was a scoring champion with the Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA MVP, and two-time champion with the Golden State Warriors, Durant was this skinny, up-and-coming rapper named Velvet Hoop. Well, maybe he wasn't planning a rap career, but we can still appreciate the simpler times of the young, buck-getting Durant before he re-signs with the Warriors.

3. Paul George

Paul George doesn't really have quite the number of spots James and Durant have, and understandably so, yet this one is pure gold. Forget this is likely going to be two teams ago, George literally shot a rainbow, walked back to the bench with so much swagger, and had time to sip on his Gatorade before it went in. Legendary stuff. Let's get more of this in real life, whether he goes to the Los Angeles Lakers or not.

4. Chris Paul

The catalog of State Farm commercials featuring Paul is quite solid from top to bottom. However, "The Hoopers" took it to the next level. In this scene, Paul is competitive and snarky, yet hilarious. This is how he plays, this is peak Paul, and this how he needs to be heading into next season when he likely re-signs with the Houston Rockets.

5. DeMarcus Cousins

This is perfect on so many levels. Boogie is as misunderstood as he is talented, and he is easily one of the best big men in the entire NBA. Where Cousins might landed following his Achilles injury with the New Orleans Pelicans is probably more up in the air than any player on this list, but it's safe to say that no matter where he goes, the drama and reputation, rightly or wrongly, will follow.

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