Dave Portnoy Calls Himself 'The Hottest Gambler On The Planet,' Will Net $1.6 Million If Celtics Win Finals

Dave Portnoy, who is the founder of Barstool, has been on a betting hot streak this year, as he is one NBA Finals series away from winning another $1.6 million dollars. That is to say, Portnoy needs his hometown Boston Celtics to beat the Dallas Mavericks, and he will add to his 2024 list of gambling victories.

In particular, Portnoy placed $100,000 on a two-leg parlay, which included Scottie Scheffler winning the Masters (+550) in April, and he also predicted that the Boston Celtics would come away with their 18th NBA title this season (+145). With this in mind, since Scheffler already won, all that stands in the way of the business owner winning an exact sum of $1,592,500, is none other than a 25-year-old Slovenian kid Luka Doncic.

Ultimately, Portnoy has the odds on his side, considering that the Celtics are -225 betting favorites vs. the Mavs (+180). Even so, he is in the minority with his pick, in view of the fact that according to ESPN, almost 80% of bets placed on sportsbooks have been from those saying the underdogs will win.

Important to keep in mind though, there is still actually more money on the Celtics to win.

"The bigger bets and the sharper bets are on the Celtics, but there's just more bets on the Mavericks," David Lieberman, a sports trader, who oversees NBA odds for Caesars Sportsbook, told ESPN.

If the Celtics do in fact win, Portnoy will be able to add to his current streak, as he has self reported winnings of $5.4 million on sports betting so far in 2024.

Portnoy tweeted out in April, "Guys I don't think people realize what we are witnessing. To come into #themasters as the world's #1 and the hottest gambler on the planet. To have a bullseye on your forehead and still win with ease? We may never see a 4 month stretch like this again."

Portnoy has totally revitalized his gambling career, ever since he went from being characterized as a "degenerate gambler" who filed bankruptcy because of his addiction, to now being self-labeled as "the hottest gambler on the planet."

Taking this into account, Portnoy has won the following bets this year: Michigan ($1 million) and Washington ($500,000) winning in the college football playoffs, Kansas City Chiefs ($500,000) winning the Super Bowl, the UConn Huskies ($2.1 million) winning the national championship in NCAA men's basketball, and Scottie Scheffler ($1.3 million) winning the Masters.

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