Gordon Hayward's Wife Responds To Thunder GM, Who Said Trading For Her Husband Was A Mistake

Ahead of the NBA trade deadline, the No. 1 seeded Oklahoma City Thunder traded for Gordon Hayward, yet after the NBA vet scored 0 points in limited playing time this postseason, GM Sam Presti has recently come out and said that was a mistake, "I missed on that."

This then led to Hayward's wife speaking out in the comment section of a Bleacher Report Instagram post, which she remarked: "Why trade for someone and not play them? ... missed it by not integrating him."

Before being traded, the 34-year-old was averaging 14.5 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.6 assists in 31.9 minutes per game for the Charlotte Hornets, however, after landing in OKC, Hayward averaged 5.3 points in 17.2 minutes of playing time.

And as for the playoffs in particular, Hayward played 46 minutes (averaging 6.6 minutes per game across seven appearances), but didn't even score a single point. Correspondingly, this led the former Utah Jazz/Celtics star to speak out about his role, or rather lack thereof.

"Obviously, disappointing with kind of how it all worked out," Hayward said. "It's not what I thought it would be. Frustrating, but it kind of is what it is."

Hayward admitted that it is hard for a team that's already having success, to bring in another piece  in the middle of the season. Yet, at the same time felt he should have been given more of a chance.

"I feel as a player I have a lot to offer, but wasn't given much of an opportunity to do that, and I kind of thought that I was going to get that opportunity... The minutes were certainly down and sporadic, obviously to a point where it was non-existent, and just when I was out there, limited touches I would say."

After these comments were made by the player. Thunder GM Presti came out and said he regretted making the mid-season trade.

"I missed on that. That's on me. But I'm learning. Trying to learn this team... Just trying to be a great observer of this team as it's going through its paces... I don't think I read that one perfect."

The trade that is under consideration, was more of a getting rid of contracts to free of cap space/roster spots trade, as the Thunder gave up Davis Bertans, Tre Mann, Vasilije Micic, cash and two second-round picks (2024, 2025) in exchange for the 14-year vet Hayward.

Hayward is now a free agent, and will seemingly look to take his talents elsewhere, as he will want to be featured in a bigger role on a new team heading into the 2024-25 season.