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James Harden's Reaction To His Girlfriend Catching Bouquet At Wedding Goes Viral

James Harden was attending Rajon Rondo's wedding this weekend, and besides watching his NBA peer walk down the aisle, he also got to witness his girlfriend catch the wedding bouquet. This means according to tradition, Harden's girl Jessyka Janshel may be next in line to get married.

Needless to say, Harden hasn't won a ring throughout his 15-year career, and based on his reaction, it seems he also isn't ready to buy one yet either.


With many online poking fun at the Los Angeles Clippers point guard, some might not be aware that he has known his girlfriend since 2017.

Even so, Harden may still be avoiding a ring at all cost, as this is the same player who is known for his extravagant off-the-court partying bachelor lifestyle.

I mean who is to judge, but it's hard not to overlook that Harden might be the only player in NBA history to have his jersey retired at a strip club.

Harden got his jersey put in the rafters at Dreams night club in Houston after reportedly spending an estimated $1.5 million in one night.

Maybe that's all in the past, as the 35-year-old may be ready to finally settle down and think about his future in trying to get an engagement ring, as well as a championship ring on the court.

Harden won an MVP in 2017-18, and has earned three scoring titles throughout his career. Last season in his first year on the Clippers, the veteran point guard averaged 16.6 points (42.8% FG; 38.1% 3P), 8.5 assists, and 5.1 rebounds.

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