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James Harden's Rumored Dating History is Even Longer Than His Beard


James Harden runs the floor for the Brooklyn Nets. "The Beard" balls alongside sharpshooter Kevin Durant and miniature magician Kyrie Irving.

Harden gained his fame playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets. The man has won everything except an NBA championship.

Off the court, Harden has been damn near as prolific. He's dated everyone, from Instagram models to Instagram models, to Kardashians, to other Instagram models.

Let's just say Harden has a type.


James Harden's Basketball Career

After setting high school and college records, James Harden was the No. 3 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft; a draft that included teammate Blake Griffin and archnemesis Chef Curry.

Jimbo Slice made the All-Rookie squad on his first try. He's earned a Sixth Man, an MVP, seven All-NBA selections, three scoring championships, and nine All-Stars appearances since.

On the court, the man has range. Off the court, Harden's love life is less creative.


If love is blind, then it is the blinding light of a phone screen. The NBA star's type: social media models and other C-list celebrities.

James Harden's Dating History & Rumors

For clarity's sake, let's at least attempt to look at this in chronological order.

  • 2012 -- In 2012, Harden was spotted on a date with Kenyon Martin's ex-wife Trina. Not much else is known about the short-lived relationship.
  • 2013 -- Instagram model Kyra Chaos reportedly made over $500K a year to be Harden's girlfriend.
  • 2013-2015 -- Some sources say her name is Sarah Bellew, others Sarah Vivan. Some sources say Harden and Sarah dated for two years, other sources say Harden dated the next two ladies on the list during that time.
  • Summer 2014 -- Harden took some photos with reality TV star Tahiry Jose, and that got people talking. The couple was never seen together again.
  • Spring 2015 -- Model Amber Rose flirtatiously teased Power105 in New York that she and Harden had a "special relationship" but "hadn't gotten the D yet." In Harden's defense, he never plays defense.
  • 2015-16 --  El Chapo once dated the eldest Kardashian. They met at a Kanye West party, but more on that later. Khloe Kardashian has dated enough NBA players to field a fairly formidable starting five. Their brief relationship was caught on camera in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."
  • 2017 -- Harden exists in the multi-verse of Internet dating. Time becomes warped whenever The Beard nears, especially if you ask when he started dating someone. He may have been with Jessyka Janshel right after Khloe, during the next celebrity on the list, and for all I know, he might be texting her right now.

Ashanti Gets Her Own Section


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James Harden dated Ashanti from 2016-2018, which we've got to talk about.

Ashanti had all the hits, including "Rock Wit U", "Happy", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." I gave her a distinct section to throw some respect on it.

Some say Harden left Ashanti, others vice versa. No matter the case, Harden soon had a fling with an Instagram model in Miami named "Arab Money."


Ashanti and Harden were on/off again at that point, anyway.

James Harden Has A Type

Some sources report James Harden was cheated on last year by another Insta-madame named Shy. The alleged cheating occurred with fellow NBA player Kelly Oubre Jr. in Los Angeles.

This report only further muddles Harden's nebulous dating history.


Who is James Harden Dating Now?

There are conflicting reports on this matter. Some sources say he is still with Janshel; others claim engagement buzz with new girlfriend Gail Golden.

The cybersecurity consultant attended several Rockets games, but paparazzi haven't seen her in Brooklyn yet.

Does It Affect His Game?

NBA star James Harden certainly has a reputation.


Fans clamor for a straw woman every time Harden doesn't score at least 30 points. Plenty of Houston fans think girlfriends caused on-court gaffes, but who knows? Maybe, sometimes, a bad game is just a bad game.

There is the legend of the Kardashian Kurse. It's a mysterious force that turns professional athletes into garbage and Harden was not immune. He didn't have the worst statistical year from 2015-2016, but he did tell Sports Illustrated that it was one of the worst years of his life.

The Kurse lives on...

The Kanye West Connection


There appears to be a thread named Ye running through Harden's dating life from 2015-2016. Amber Rose may have just been friends with the National Basketball Association superstar, but her raucous relationship with Chi-Town's finest is well-documented.

Then, of course, there's the Kardashians.

The NBA player and the hip hop rapper are friends, if only professionally speaking, and run with a similar group of celebrities. Some dating lines were bound to get crossed.

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