Devon Ratliff

Spurs Surprise Army Soldier With the Ultimate Early Christmas Present

If you are a San Antonio Spurs fan, there is nobody better seat than courtside at the AT&T Center. It's also pretty sweet if you can participate in any in-game contest. United States Army Staff Sergeant Devon Ratliff got to do both.

During the first quarter of San Antonio's 123-96 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night, Ratliff participated in Coyote's Christmas Challenge. The rules were simple. All the U.S. Army SSG had to do was make a half-court shot to win a prize.

Unfortunately, Ratliff, while in uniform, sailed the shot well over the backboard. He definitely gave it a go, however, and the Spurs decided to give him a prize anyway.

When the present was unwrapped, Ratliff found out he won four tickets to a suite inside the arena for the rest of the game. The best part is his mom, wife, and son would come out of the big present at center court and surprise the solider.

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In the video posted to Facebook by Raul Dominguez Jr., Ratliff's son, Kyle, sprinted to his dad to give him a big hug after not seeing each other for over eight months.

It was truly the ultimate Christmas present to see his family before the holidays and NBA the fans erupted in cheers with a standing ovation.

That's not all, either.

In the Spurs' partnership with Jack Daniels Operation Ride Home, Ratliff will be flying home to Georgia to be with his family for the remainder of the holiday season.

So as amazing as courtside seats and in-game contests can be, nothing can top a soldier being reunited with his family during the most wonderful time of the year.

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