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A quarterback being shunned by teams has reportedly made some outrageous salary demands

One free agent QB has outrageous salary demands.

Colin Kaepernick is still looking for a team to sign him, but he's been out of luck as quarterback-needy teams such as the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets have already acquired quarterbacks this offseason.

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According to Dan Graziano of, Kaepernick wants a chance to start next season, and he also wants $9-10 million.

"Further, we know from multiple sources that Kaepernick isn't just looking for any job," Graziano wrote. "Two people to whom I spoke last week say he's looking for a place that offers him a chance to compete for a starting job and a salary befitting a high-end backup quarterback or a low-end starter. Think something like $9 million to $10 million."

The Jets signed Josh McCown, and the Browns traded for Brock Osweiler (though it should be noted they are trying to trade him and might release him). The Chicago Bears signed Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez, and the Oakland Raiders brought in E.J. Manuel to back up Derek Carr.

There aren't many teams remaining who need a backup or starting QB, so Kaepernick might be forced to play for less money next season if he wants to land on a team. It's unlikely he's a starting QB next season, and it's highly unlikely he makes $10 million to be a backup for someone.

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