ARLINGTON, TEXAS - OCTOBER 20: NBC Sportcaster Al Michaels is seen on the field before the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on October 20, 2019 in Arlington, Texas.
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Al Michaels Claims to Have Never Eaten a Vegetable

Legendary broadcaster Al Michaels has managed to raise his icon status with a stunning reveal about a lifetime of vegetable refusal.

Al Michaels, one of the greatest and most popular sports broadcasters of all time, recently sat down with CNN's Chris Wallace for an interview and the results could not have been better.

Even with just a one minute clip of the sit down on our hands, we can comfortably proclaim such a thing. Because the iconic Michaels revealed to Wallace that he has not, in fact, ever eaten a vegetable in his entire life.

When you take into account that the man responsible for a considerable amount of unforgettable quotes across all major sports is now strictly a football announcer, it makes this kind of all reveal infinitely better.

The 78-year-old Michaels is now the envy of every lineman across the world, along with millions of people who have repeatedly been told "you better each your veggies."

Here's the incredible exchange.

The great takeaway quote was obviously "Ultimate Football Guy" Al Michaels telling Wallace the following:

"I guess what I've proven, Chris, is that man does not need vegetables to survive."

And the crowd goes wild.

But Wallace pressed on, trying to push the possibility of perhaps trying a "less objectionable" vegetable, like a carrot.

The subsequent reaction from Michaels was highly comical, especially since carrots aren't exactly in the category of, say, Brussels sprouts:

"Oh please. Please. No, I can't. No that's an objectionable vegetable ... I look at it. I just don't even like the look of it. And I surmise what it might taste like in terms of the texture of it ... It just doesn't look like something would go down well."

Replying with "objectionable vegetable" very much feels like a print the t-shirts moment.

But honestly, it's remarkable how great Michaels looks when you consider this man is pushing 80 and has never even dabbled with a side salad to go along with his steak and potatoes. He was already a national hero and yet, his immense fanbase is now likely considerably larger simply based on a staunch refusal to push the vegetables away for 78 years and counting.

This coming Sunday it kind of feels mandatory for one of the NFL pregame shows to conduct a 30-minute segment featuring interviews with offensive and defensive linemen around the league reacting to this latest tale in the legendary, veggie-free life of Al Michaels.

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