Alexander Mattison celebrates after a touchdown in Week 13.
Screenshot from Twitter

Vikings Player's Twerking TD Celebration Was Well Worth the NFL's Fine

The No Fun League has been at it all season, and no touchdown celebration is safe. Just this month, Joe Mixon gave fans a hilarious coin flip celebration to troll the NFL over its absurd playoff scenario that could have come down to a coin flip, and Chad Ochocinco has already agreed to pay any fines for it.

Last month, though, Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison was fined for a touchdown celebration back in Week 13 that went viral for all the right reasons. The harmless dance garnered plenty of laughs; but at the end of the day, the NFL thought it wasn't so funny and slapped him with a $6,503 fine.

Alexander Mattison's Twerk Celebration Earns Him Fine

Mattison, the 24-year-old Vikings running back, had just scored a touchdown in the second quarter against the New York Jets. What followed was masterful celebration, if you ask me.

Mattison faked everyone out by pretending he had a right hamstring injury, dropped to all fours and then twerked for the crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium. It wasn't quite at Cardi B's level, but it was enough for the NFL to take notice, and they didn't like it one bit.

The NFL announced Dec. 9 that Mattison was being fined for the celebration. I'd like to see in the rulebook where twerking on the field is prohibited.

Mattison took to Twitter afterward to address the fine, and he seemed as if he was in good spirits. He's making almost $1 million this season, for what it's worth.

"They share it like crazy.. then fine you like crazy smh," he wrote. "And I just wanna know who sits there and comes up with these random number amounts for fines."

I'll say that the NFL needs to loosen up a bit. However, if Mattison had ever watched Key and Peele's sketch about excessive celebration, he'd know that the league only allows two or twerks or fewer. Hingle McCringleberry found out the hard way that three pumps are too many.

Anyway, props to Mattison. Keep being fun.

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