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Seattle's TD Dances Have Everything from Classic Moves to Viral Hits

The Seattle Seahawks love to have fun. In many ways, they are the gold standard of it in the NFL. Head coach Pete Carroll is about as animated as it gets on the sidelines, and he lets his players enjoy success. Nobody takes advantage of that more than the wide receiver corps.

Each and every week, whenever quarterback Russell Wilson throws a touchdown pass, the elite pass-catching unit has something up their sleeves. It's always fascinating to watch and they did it again on Monday Night Football.

Late in the third quarter in December 2019, Wilson found wide receiver David Moore for a 60-yard touchdown to open the game up against the Minnesota Vikings. It was a key play in the game at CenturyLink Field, no doubt, but what came next was straight out of a 1980s music video. Literally.

With the entire MNF world watching ESPN, Moore, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown and rookie DK Metcalf busted out the dance for New Edition's "If It Isn't Love" and social media went nuts.

Seahawks New Edition Dance

This choreography in the end zone was priceless. The foursome truly nailed the classic moves by the R&B group. What's crazy is neither of them were alive when the song came out, but it's safe to say they practiced this a lot and didn't just decide to do it at halftime. It's far from the first time something like this has happened, though.

"Bye Bye Bye" Touchdown Celebration

A tribute to the popular boy band NSYNC, the same four wide receivers did another perfect dance after a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns.

Nolan Ryan Fight TD Celebration

After the Seahawks scored a touchdown against the Detroit Lions, Lockett and Doug Baldwin reenacted the famous baseball fight between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura. Gotta love it.

"Drumline" Touchdown Celebration

While playing the Oakland Raiders in London, the Seahawks chose to reenact a scene from the 2002 movie "Drumline" and it worked to perfection.

"The Five Heartbeats" Touchdown Dance

A tribute to the fictional music group and 1991 movie, the Seahawks definitely had a lot of fun against the Los Angeles Chargers.

No matter if it's a tough regular season game, the fourth quarter of an NFC West matchup, the playoffs, or even the Super Bowl, you should know the Seahawks are going to continue to do their thing and enjoy these touchdown celebrations.

This post was originally published on December 3, 2019.

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