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Buffalo Creates Tailgate Plan to Keep Drunk Fans From Destroying Too Many Tables

If you have ever partied with Buffalo Bills fans, you understand things can get a little out of control. If you haven't, well, prepare for just about anything. Bills Mafia is a way of life and there isn't a single folding table that's safe from destruction in the parking lots outside of New Era Field on game days.

From setting themselves on fire to parents giving their kids a birthday cake cursing Tom Brady to older women taking beer bongs, seriously nothing is off limits in those New York parking lots.

Don't believe this is real? Guess again. It's been this way for years and has created some viral videos over the last couple seasons.


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The Buffalo Bills are looking for their wild fans to turn it down a notch or 700 next season. That likely won't happen, but a new bus and limo parking lot policy could help the chaos from happening all over the place each and every Sunday.

So, Bills fans, welcome to your new home at Tailgate Village. It's for all of those going to games by the way of bus or limo, and certainly meant to be safer. No longer are those die-hards allowed to tailgate near their vehicle. The Bus and Limo Parking Lot in Upstate New York is about to be hub for everyone.

"We want to provide a safe and fun experience in the Bus and Limo Lot. That's the overarching goal. We're working closely with Tailgate Guys, which is a Bills partner, who have the expertise in fan tailgating and group tailgating. They do this across the country at many of the largest colleges in the nation and they do it very successfully... So, we're excited to move forward with them, and we think they're going to do a great job with this."

— Bills Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience Andy Major

Fans can pay $15 per person at the bus lot and receive a wristband for access in Tailgate Village. Each group will then get a tent, tables and chairs and someone from Tailgate Guys will even help set it up. There's also different pricing for various tailgate packages with 12-20-person vehicle, a 40-passenger vehicle and a 60-person vehicle.

Look, we get it. There's been problems in that parking lot before and the Bills are just trying to clean it up. Nobody really blames them or the NFL for the effort in improving the tailgate policy for fan safety, but there is no way this will really work.

You don't tell kids to not put their hands in the cookie jar and expect them all to listen. Same goes for Buffalo Bills fans. They will find a way to get drunk and do what they want. That's the ultimate game day experience for Bills games and a new policy won't stop them.

After all, these great fans probably would much rather break a folding table they didn't have to pay for at tailgate parties.

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