Florida Man Arrested for Throwing Sex Toy at Buffalo Bills Game Instagram: buffalobills
Instagram: buffalobills

If we’re being honest, all die-hard sports fans have done something crazy in support of their teams in the past. Typically, they involve an autographed tattoo or a conveniently placed national championship banner, but rarely do they involve rubber sex toys.

Then again, there aren’t many fans quite like the ones they have in Buffalo, New York. The Buffalo Bills might be 2-6 after another loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, but one fan wasn’t going to be deterred from showing why the Bills Mafia is the craziest fan base in the NFL. Problem is, his bizarre stunt just happened to get him arrested and thrown in jail.

According to Hannah Buehler of WKBW in Orchard Park, 34-year-old Michael Abdallah, a Florida native, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. Abdallah was arrested after deputies and members of the Bills security at New Era Field identified him for allegedly throwing a sex toy onto the field during Buffalo’s Monday Night Football game.

And yes, it is absolutely insane for somebody to not only BRING a sex toy to an NFL game, but to then throw it onto the field for some ridiculous reason. What’s worse is that there were three sex toys that hit the field on Monday night.

Yes. One, then two, and finally, number three made it the furthest onto the field.

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After spending the night in jail, Abdallah pleaded not guilty to the disorderly conduct charge and was released from Erie County Holding Center after appearing in Orchard Park Town Court. The Florida man is due back in court on December 4 unless he has an attorney appear for him.

What’s even weirder about this incident is that it’s not the first time it’s happened in Buffalo. Back in 2016, another funny guy decided to toss a similar rubber friend out onto the turf during a Patriots-Bills game.

Buffalo fans are crazy, but this stunt is just ludicrous.

Most of this strange incident seems wrapped up, except for one lingering fact: how did Abdullah smuggle this thing into the game in the game?

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