SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 27: (L-R) Seattle Seahawks players Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner and Tyler Lockett greet fans at American Express Dinner on the 50 at CenturyLink Field on August 27, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for American Express)

Three-time Pro Bowler goes after his own teammate after getting thrown under the bus in a blowout loss

All-Pro player goes after his own teammate after blowout loss.

The Seattle Seahawks just suffered the worst loss of the Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson era after the Los Angeles Rams came into Seattle and crushed them 42-7.

The Seahawks have been devastated by injuries all season — especially on the defensive side of the ball — and it finally caught up to them against the Rams. All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner tried to play on a hurt hamstring, but he clearly wasn't effective during the game.

Safety Earl Thomas was asked about the injuries, and he said he didn't think Wagner should've been playing as much as he did.

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Thomas said he appreciated Wagner suiting up and trying to play through the injury, but he said "the backups would have done just as good" as the hobbled starters. He said he usually sees Wagner covering the field from sideline-to-sideline, but he was clearly injured and not 100 percent.

Wagner didn't like Thomas talking about his injury, and he tweeted and said, "E keep my name out yo mouth. Stop being jealous of other people success. I still hope you keep balling bro." The tweet has been deleted.

Seattle is still 8-6 and in the playoff hunt, but it hasn't been the season they anticipated, and most of that is due to injuries. Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril are all out for the year, and the defense just hasn't been as effective.

Pete Carroll usually doesn't mind his players chirping at each other, and the Seahawks usually end up as one of the best teams in the league. But the injuries have been too much to overcome this year, and it looks like Seattle might miss the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

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