Former ESPN broadcaster Brent Musberger is living his ultimate dream in Las Vegas as a sports handicapper. He retired from ESPN after more than 40 years of broadcasting. So naturally, he watches a lot of sports now rather than have to call the games and he was not impressed with NBC’s use of the SkyCam as part of their coverage of Thursday Night Football. Here’s what it looks like on the telecast:

The new view has been getting mixed reviews as many people like it because it reminds them of Madden with the angle of the camera and they can see the entire field. However, there are some who don’t like it because of that video game feel and they are used to the classic overhead look from the side. Musberger is apparently one of the latter people and he made his frustration heard on Twitter with some NSFW language on the matter.

Who’s to say that some of those fans aren’t future coaches? While Musberger does make a good point that the telecast should be trying to appease its viewers, he clearly doesn’t know that there is a large group of people who enjoy the SkyCam view. This isn’t his first outburst on Twitter as he went all in on the national anthem protests with a tweet as well.

[h/t  The Spun]

Legendary broadcaster Brent Musberger absolutely rips NBC over their latest change in coverage Andy Lyons/Getty Images
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