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The Cleveland Browns Are Even Crazier Than Everyone Thought


For those who didn't believe the Cleveland Browns were becoming must-see TV got a real slap in the face Tuesday night. The second episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns" wasn't just great, it was an all-time great, and full of more drama than your typical reality show.

The first few minutes, heck, even before the opening credits, were straight fire, and it didn't let up.

From the Corey Coleman trade to Myles Garrett's love of poetry to a classic management meeting following Antonio Callaway's marijuana citation to the Browns' preseason win over the New York Giants, there was never a dull moment.

What did we really learn? What were the best highlights from one of the best episodes in the show's history? What's next for the Browns to get one step closer to getting fans free beer?


The Fanbuzz staff breaks it down:

Corey Coleman Got Exactly What He Deserved

Everyone was expecting this to be the episode where we learned about the Corey Coleman trade, but nobody could have anticipated it to go down the way that it did.

However, there is one housekeeping item to clear up here, all puns intended:


Coleman, a former first-round pick, obviously loves shoes. He has plenty of them, and even gives some away. But how in the world can you be a so-called sneaker head and say you love the Jordan 3s when you are clearly holding a pair of Jordan 4s? That's not a good impression, man, and the lack of attention to detail is what ironically cost him his job.

Back to the field. There is no doubt Coleman was awful during drills. He wasn't even playing in the first episode and looked lost in practice early in this one.

News flash, Corey: You don't get to run with the first unit if you drop balls and run terrible routes. The reason he was running with the No. 2s was obvious from the couch, and the request to be traded was whiny and foolish.

Getting shipped for a seventh-round pick is the ultimate diss, and it's exactly what Coleman deserved after barging into Hue Jackson's offense requesting the trade. -- Brett Regan


Tyrod Taylor is Teaching Hue Jackson How to Coach

As if he didn't get enough criticism, now Hue Jackson is getting tips from his players on how to coach NFL football.

One of the best parts of this week's episode was the jump inside of a conversation between Taylor and his head coach.

The 29-year-old veteran approached Hue and told him to call out players in team meetings who were working slow, jogging and getting beat for lack of effort. It's something I'm sure Tyrod Taylor has seen in his first seven years in the NFL. So, what did Hue do?

Naturally, he did exactly what Tyrod said, and called out players in front of the whole team.


For journalistic sake, I hope Hue at least credited Tyrod with the sweet assist on the play. Hue needs all the help he can get, and this is another example of someone else picking up the slack for the 1-31 ball coach. -- John Duffley

Cleveland's Coordinators are Next-Level Crazy

In this episode, foul-mouthed offensive coordinator Todd Haley was hanging upside down in Hue Jackson's office while deciding how many series his fourth-string quarterback with the nickname BRObie was going to get in the preseason opener.

In this episode, foul-mouthed Gregg Williams officially declared himself as a spokesman for throat lozenges who loves free handouts.

That wasn't even the half of it.


Both Haley and Williams went bonkers on the players on multiple occasions, like the halftime speech above, and it is adding an element to the show we never thought we needed. -- Brett Regan

The Cajuste's are Your New Favorite Father-Son Duo 

If you can whistle, then you should find a friend or relative and recreate the iconic, crazy whistle language that Devon and his father revealed in this episode.

Devon played four years at Stanford, catching 14 touchdowns for The Cardinal. His NFL luck has led him on a wild goose chase, but it looks like Cleveland is at least showing positive results for the journeyman.

His dad's story of health and happiness is the feel-good story we all can love, but this story already smells like it could be setting up for an unhappy ending. The Browns already have three proven tight ends (David Njoku, Seth DeValve and Darren Fells), so making room for Cajuste might be impossible.


I hope he gets a spot for no other reason than if he scores, the entire Cleveland stadium should erupt in crazy whistling sounds. -- John Duffley

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