Colin Kaepernick has gone from protester quarterback to free agent quarterback to one of the key figures in a collusion lawsuit against the NFL.

Kaepernick’s lawsuit and whether or not he can win against the NFL ownership, which he is claiming colluded to keep him out of the league, can be debated, but one thing has been certain this whole time regarding the former San Francisco 49er’s quarterback: he isn’t afraid to make a statement.

And make a statement he did, both literally and figuratively, releasing a quote via lawyer Mark Geragos on Twitter. Not only was it a statement, but it was clearly a jab at President Donald Trump — who initially inserted himself into this controversy when he called any protesting NFL players a “son of a bitch” and called for them to be fired.

Kaepernick’s statement can be seen below:

“As John F. Kennedy aptly noted almost 60 years ago, a president should be a moral leader in the crusade for human rights and “[h]e must exert the great moral and educational force of his office…to support the rights of every American to stand up for his rights, even if on occasion he must sit down for them.”

In a way, this was a perfect statement from Kaepernick. From his point of view, not only did it call out Trump for not supporting the rights of every American — and that includes the right to peacefully protest — but Kaepernick quoted a President who many hold in extremely high esteem.

The ending of Kennedy’s quote was also very apropos considering Kaepernick’s initial kneeling protest as well.

Of course, this won’t win Kaepernick any fans from the anti-protest crowd and the quote — along with his lawsuit — certainly won’t help get him back on an NFL field as a player, but at this point, it’s quite obvious that Kaepernick is playing with something much bigger in mind.

Colin Kaepernick’s latest statement appears to take a direct shot at President Donald Trump Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
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