Davis Mills has gained fame on the Internt for his neck length.
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Davis Mills' Neck Makes Him an NFL Folklore Icon on the Internet

I'd like to extend a formal congratulations to the first giraffe to play in the National Football League, Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills.

Mills is on the short end of height when it comes to his lineage — he stands at 6-foot-4 — but there's no mistaking what species he is when looking at his neck. Houston's QB can not only see the depths of the upper shelves of Costco, he can deliver passes looking down from the rafters at NRG Stadium.

It came as no surprise NFL fans were in awe of Mills' neck. After all, how often do you get to see an Apatosaurus play quarterback?

Davis Mills' Neck: The NFL's Most Fascinating Physical Attribute

Davis Mills warms up against the Indianapolis Colts.

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We heard about hand size with Kenny Pickett. We heard about height with Kyler Murray. We don't hear about neck length, though. Why? Because Davis Mills' neck broke rulers. Scouts at the NFL Combine were in disbelief a neck could be that long. So, they stopped measuring because it would be unfair to other players. Hence, the beginning of the Post Davis Mills Neck Era (PDMNE). However, fans weren't able to get a glimpse until last season kicked off.

Mills, the Texans' third-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, made his pro debut in Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns after starter Tyrod Taylor went down with a hamstring injury. His neck was fully unleashed the following week against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football, and the Internet couldn't believe their eyes.


Being a good sport, the Stanford product has taken the jokes in stride. He joined Landry Locker and John Lopez on Houston's SportsRadio 610 before the 2022 season to talk about his neck's newfound fame.

Davis, who had a under-the-radar rookie season despite leading a team in complete rebuild mode, looks to build off last year. Most quarterbacks carry their team on their back. Mills carries the Texans on his neck.

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