Thanksgiving is owned by the NFL from a sporting standpoint, as most other sports (headlined by the NBA) clear the way for professional football to take center stage nationally. While the three-game slate for the 2017 season did not deliver any all-time classic games, it certainly was a watchable product (at least for the most part) and people tuned in as a result.

With that said, President Donald Trump continues to go after the NFL and all he needed was a little prompting (in the form of television ratings) to unleash a (very) early morning rant against commissioner Roger Goodell and the league in general.

Trump was also responding to the note that there was a protest during the national anthem on Thanksgiving and this, of course, is not new ground for the President. His thoughts are well-chronicled on the subject but again, he took direct aim at Goodell and that is noteworthy.

Jerry Jones, who is feuding with Goodell publicly right now, and Donald Trump being on the same side is a little bit frightening but the angles are rather different. Still, it will never become “normal” to see the President of the United States speaking in this format against the league and, especially, individuals within the sport…. even when and if it continues.

President Donald Trump claims Roger Goodell ‘has lost control’ with newest message on the NFL Tom Pennington/Getty Images
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