Draya Michele Is Suing NFL QB Tyrod Taylor After Being Evicted

Model/actress Draya Michele is taking ex-boyfriend Tyrod Taylor to court, as she recently filed a lawsuit against the New York Jets backup quarterback, saying he did not adhere to their housing agreement.

The two started dating in 2020, before separating last year, and apparently the breakup has been messy, as now the NFL backup QB served Michele a surprise eviction recently.

Evidently, 39-year-old Michele, along with her kids, moved into the LA house that 34-year-old Taylor purchased back in August 2022. That is to say, at this time the two were still dating, so no papers were signed, but Michele said they had a mutual understanding, which included that any improvements she made on the house could be deducted if she ever wanted to buy the house from him.

In the lawsuit, according to TMZ, it mentions that Michele offered $2.8 million for the place, and Taylor negotiated it to $3.2 million, which was supposedly the agreed upon amount back in January of this year.

However, that is to say, Michele wanted the discount, since she claims including renovations and mortgage payments, reportedly there had been $300,000 spent out of her own pocket. With this in mind, she was under the impression that the money she previously put up would be deducted from the final purchase price of the house, and that caused a misunderstanding between the two.

Ultimately, as it stands now, Taylor wants her out of there and is refusing to sell the home. In response to being kicked out, Michele is countering with a lawsuit, but as for the amount of damages she's looking for, that is unknown at this time.

At the moment, Michele is in a relationship with NBA player Jalen Green, and she recently gave birth to his child, so maybe he can get a new house for her.

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