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Eli Manning's "Double Bird" Blunder on MNF Made the Internet Go Nuts

The Peyton Manning and Eli Manning broadcast of Monday Night Football has been glorious. Peyton clearly is a football savant while Eli is the comedic relief. It works perfectly.

Peyton, or "P" as he's referred to in the Manning household, will give a lengthy description of what just happened on the field that's followed up by Eli, or "E", chipping in some knowledge in layman's terms while calling out his brother's pit stains.

America has needed this for years.

The Manning brother broadcast was a bit looser in the Dallas Cowboys routing of the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3. Peyton couldn't remember a guy, whose podcast he was on a month ago, as he was trolling him on social media. Meanwhile, Eli rolled with the punches and flawlessly made a "Wedding Crashers" joke when a fan said he lived at home with his parents.

The fun peaked when former NFL defensive end Chris Long appeared in a guest spot. Long, who finished his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, talked about the old NFC East days with Eli. The former New York Giants quarterback was treated with the utmost respect whenever he played at Lincoln Financial Field. So much so, that he wanted to demonstrate a gesture he received whenever he made his way to Philly.

Eli Manning Flashes "Double Bird" on MNF

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Eli started off by talking about his friendly interactions with young Eagles fans.

"You go to Philly, you're getting the double bird from a nine-year-old," Manning said.

He proceeded to reenact the hand gesture in full form on live TV, assuming ESPN would blur it out. The blur guy was on vacation and the two birds slipped through the cracks.

The broadcast cut to a commercial break shortly after. Eli apologized upon returning and Long laughed it off.

The most important takeaway is we now have an Eli Manning double-bird screenshot at our disposal. Someone says Peyton has a big forehead? Here's Eli. Someone says Arch is overrated? Here's Eli.

The Manning cast has been incredible so far. If you don't think so, here's Eli.

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