Erin Andres poses for a picture with husband Jarret Stoll.
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Erin Andrews Welcomes Baby Boy After Long, 'Challenging' Infertility Struggle

From cervical cancer to multiple IVF rounds, Erin Andrews' long childbirth journey finally ended when she gave birth to a boy.

Erin Andrews had some joyous news this week: the birth of her first child.

This remarkable event comes after years of infertility struggles and a cervical cancer battle for the esteemed sports journalist and television personality. After efforts proved unsuccessful to conceive naturally with her husband, former NHL center Jarret Stoll, the couple set out to explore alternative options.

In their quest to become parents, Andrews and Stoll turned to in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a medical procedure that significantly increases the chances of conception. Andrews candidly opened up about the challenges they faced during the IVF process, telling Us Weekly it was "one of the most challenging things" in her life.

"It's a ton of money, it's a ton of time ... and more times than not, they're unsuccessful. I think that's why a lot of people choose to be quiet about it."

Andrews is also a cervical cancer survivor, having been diagnosed in 2016. After two successful surgeries, she was cancer-free and still had the ability to conceive a child. She told Coping With Cancer Magazine she was initially panicked. 

"I'm really healthy. I didn't think I would be a candidate for [cervical cancer]," Erin said. "I thought I was totally fine and just getting ready for Week 3 in the NFL, and I got a call that I wasn't. And then I think you just go through panic."

Erin Andrews and Jarrett Stoll attend The 2014 ESPYS.

Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll attend The 2014 ESPYS. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images For ESPYS)

Andrews, who is now 45, revealed that she has been receiving treatments since she was 35 and was currently on her seventh round of IVF. She shared the physical and emotional toll it took on her, acknowledging the rollercoaster of hope and disappointment that accompanies each cycle. Despite the setbacks, Andrews displayed unwavering determination and resilience, maintaining her positive outlook throughout the trying times. Her honesty and vulnerability resonated with many people who have faced similar struggles.

After years of perseverance, Andrews and Stoll must be elated as they welcome their first child, a boy, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, according to an exclusive report from Page Six. The baby's name is reportedly Mack.


Andrews' career began to soar in the mid-2000s when she joined ESPN as a reporter. Her engaging on-screen presence and in-depth analysis quickly gained attention, leading to her covering major sporting events such as the College World Series and the Rose Bowl as well as Major League Baseball. Andrews' passion for sports and her ability to connect with athletes and fans made her a sought-after journalist in the field.

In 2012, Andrews left ESPN for Fox Sports, where she hosted Fox's College Football Studio show and covered the MLB All-Star Game, the NFL Playoffs and the Daytona 500. She has also appeared in advertisements for brands such as Kraft, StubHub, CoverGirl and Fanatics.

Beyond her illustrious career in sports journalism, Andrews now embraces the role of motherhood, embarking on a remarkable new adventure. Andrews and Stoll's recent childbirth adventure serves as a powerful reminder that perseverance and resilience can overcome even the most challenging of circumstances. Andrews' journey is a testament to her strength and serves as an inspiration to many who admire her.

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