The Dallas Cowboys don’t need a quarterback in the aftermath of Dak Prescott’s emergence as a top-flight option. With that said, Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports believes that the organization could potentially invest in Colin Kaepernick under a particular set of circumstances.

In short, the always intriguing personality thinks that the Cowboys could move in that direction if the NFL denies the ongoing appeal of Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension by the league. While that definitely seems like a stretch on the surface, Cowherd’s case is pointed and specific.

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“If Jerry Jones loses this appeal, would Jerry Jones, in an act of defiance, say you think the Kaepernick story is dying? I’m going to sign him. I’m going to sign him. My brand can withstand it. I have Dak Prescott. It’s not going to ruin my locker room. My brand, the Dallas Cowboys, can withstand it and you, the NFL, thinks this Kaepernick story is going away. You know what, I’m going to sign him. And you think it’s crazy, right? The Cowboys would never… Jason Whitlock argues the Cowboys are the one team Kaepernick could go to because the brand is so overwhelmingly and there is so much love for Dak Prescott, it’s in no way going to affect the locker room or the Cowboys standing in the NFL community. It’s just too big and powerful. And there is now absolute evidence that Kaepernick did not hurt ratings but the NFL likes to suppress non-football, anthem protests stories. Like any big corporation, they want to suppress this stuff and have it go away, so I think it’s interesting.¬†

I’ve talked to multiple people on this, and Jerry Jones is angry and an angry 74 year-old billionaire–billionaires get their way. But when they’re 30 and 40 and 50 year-old billionaires, sometimes they have to be conciliatory. Jerry’s 74 years old. He’s going to do what ever he wants to do. When you’re a 74 year-old billionaire and the clock is ticking and you’ve lived a wild life and you probably have 8-10 [years] to live–certainly live any kind of quality life–Jerry Jones, from what I’ve been told, is furious about this. And a furious 74 year-old billionaire, they’ll fire back. They got nothing to lose. They’re giving the franchise to the kids. It’s going to be worth $10 billion by the time he passes. I’m very interested to see what transpires with this.”

Jones is arguably the most powerful and notable owner in the NFL and it is certainly true that the Cowboys brand stands almost on its own. With that said, it seems to be a bit out-of-the-box to consider an owner (even one that acts as a general manager) making this high-profile of a roster move simply out of spite for the league.

If Elliott’s suspension remains, that could bring real fireworks, especially if Kaepernick remains on the market as he is today.

If Ezekiel Elliott loses appeal, Colin Cowherd could see Cowboys signing Colin Kaepernick Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images
Rowland is a lifelong Atlanta sports fan that also grew up in a Michigan Wolverines household. He previously worked with FanSided, SB Nation and UPROXX sports and covers college football for FanBuzz.
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