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Ezekiel Elliott Shuts Down Rumors That He's Fat Now

Whether it's on the football field or in a cafeteria, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott loves to eat. He motions it after every good thing he does it seems and now some fans have legitimately started to worry if their star player is actually fat.

Welcome to the NFL offseason, where pretty much everything gets blown out of proportion. It's one the worst times of the year, mainly because there's nothing overly exciting happening at the moment, and Elliott became the latest target on social media and popular talk shows.

At Von Miller Day last weekend in DeSoto, Texas, the first-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and 2016 NFL All-Pro posted a photo on Instagram with the Denver Broncos linebacker and professional boxer Errol Spence Jr. The picture itself was harmless, but it certainly sparked some controversial.

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Look, at 6-foot and 230 pounds, the man they call Zeke has always been a big dude. But the comments about his weight in the picture were just ruthless. For whatever reason, nobody, especially Cowboys fans, could believe their eyes.

"Looks like they been feeding you too much bruh!" One Instagram user posted.

"Put on some weight eh?" Another user wrote.

"You look like someone's fat uncle," another Instagram post said.

That was only the beginning, too. There are over 1,300 comments on the post. Plenty of them were about his weight heading into next season, including saying he was on the "Eddie Lacy diet."

So how did Ezekiel Elliott respond to the rumors? He ate more popcorn with quarterback Dak Prescott at the Dallas Stars's NHL playoff game.

Then, on Tuesday, the two-time Pro Bowl running back decided to post a social media video of him getting on a scale to squash the "fat" talk once and for all.

Even if that's a little over his playing weight from last year, Elliott has a couple of months to really get back into shape before training camp. But it's not too far off and you better believe he got the last laugh once he stepped on the scale and proved his haters all wrong.

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