Update emerges on Packers player carted off the field after one of the dirtiest hits of the season


Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams was released from the hospital on Friday morning after being diagnosed with a concussion following a helmet-to-helmet hit by Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan during Thursday night's 35-14 win over Chicago, according to Pro Football Talk.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart announced that Packers wide receiver Adams stayed overnight under observation of doctors on before Adams was released from the hospital.

Lockhart said that signs were otherwise good from the doctors that treated Adams and also confirmed that the league would review Trevathan's hit for a potential suspension.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy also gave a positive update on the wide receiver following the incident, claiming "everything looks positive" and added that Adams was "already giving them a hard time at the hospital to get out of there."


Midway through the third quarter, Trevathan landed an absolutely devastating and uncalled for hit to Adams.

Adams had been stood up after catching an eight-yard pass, and Trevathan came out of nowhere with his helmet lowered and directed a strike to the helmet of Adams.

Adams gave a thumbs up as he was carted off the field.

Prior to his injury, Adams had caught two passes for 13 yards and a touchdown. Trevathan had recorded 10 tackles.