Talanoa Hufanga and James Conner fight
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James Conner Fights 49ers Pro Bowler After Cardinals Loss to 49ers

Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner was not having it with San Francisco 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga after the loss.

Frustration appears to be reaching a boiling point for Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner.

The Arizona Cardinals remained competitive in every game this season, even beating the Dallas Cowboys in week three at home. Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers got out of hand, with the 49ers winning 35-16.

After the game, emotions ran high for the Cardinals and Conner. Conner was seen after the game talking with 49ers's safety Talanoa Hufanga, who had five tackles during the win, and Conner grabbed Hufanga by the throat and shoved him across the field. Hufanga then came back and yelled at Conner, who was yelling back and pointing his finger at the safety. When they reconvened, Conner grabbed Hufanga again, who shoved Conner's hand off of him and tried to come back to hit him. The two tried to come back at one another before George Kittle Keith Ismael tried to separate them.

San Francisco 49ers staffers then came over and tried to pull Hufanga back toward the rest of the team. Conner and Hufunga were still yelling at one another, with Conner trying to walk around his teammate to re-engage in the fight.

Nobody likes to lose, and despite Josh Dobbs and the Cardinals remaining competitive in most of their games this season, the 49ers offense and Christian McCaffrey proved to be too much for Arizona.

McCaffrey had a four-touchdown day, with 106 rushing yards, three rushing touchdowns, 71 receiving yards, and one receiving touchdown. For Arizona, quarterback Josh Dobbs had a good game with 265 passing yards and two touchdowns. James Conner, the top running back for Arizona, was held in check with just 52 yards rushing and just one catch for four yards in the loss.

The Cardinals, who are 1-3, are letting emotions run high after the loss to their divisional rival. They'll have a chance to get on the right side of the win column next week when they host Joe Burrow and the Bengals, who are also struggling early this season.

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