Jim Irsay
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Jim Irsay Jams out to Meek Mill in Colts Locker Room After Panthers Win

The Colts beat the Panthers on Sunday and no one wanted to let the world know it more than team owner Jim Irsay.

To say Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is an interesting guy would be greatly underselling what this man has brought to the table since initially becoming an executive for the team in 1984.

From the always interesting social media posts to Irsay's storied bathroom antics, there's almost never a dull moment. That would be no different on Sunday night following a Colts 27-13 win over the Panthers, a victory that obviously called for Irsay to debut a thrilling new locker room dance celebration.

One of the greatest aspects of Irsay busting out some moves to the sounds of Meek Mill was that the video came directly from his own Twitter/X account, with lyrics included.

For someone who was close friends with the late, great Hunter S. Thompson, this is merely a blip on the radar in terms of getting rowdy and having a good time. But for NFL owners, this is akin to a windmill dunk in a crowded lane.

As for the dance itself, it can probably be best described as when Hulk Hogan — in any given wrestling appearance — would inevitably take several punches that no had no affect as he began to shake his arms and "Hulk Up," ultimately sending the crowd into a frenzy and winning the match.

The only difference here is the absence of yellow tights and it's an entire football team that's been sent into a frenzy. There's also the notable presence of first-year head coach Shane Steichen, who could not have been more delighted by the scene unfolding in front of him. And we can hardly blame the guy.

Keep in mind, this is a 64-year-old man getting after it by way of Meek Mill's legendary "Dreams and Nightmares" after his team improved to a record of 4-5. For all the things that can be said about Jim Irsay, the love he has for his football team cannot be questioned or denied.

Seriously, this was simply a Week 9 win with Gardner Minshew under center and his club still chasing a .500 record. Imagine the Colts somehow get hot and find a way to clinch a playoff berth? We can only hope.

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