Jon Gruden teases interest in vacant head coach position

It has everything to do with Eli Manning.

Jon Gruden may be trolling at this point. Or he could be totally genuine.

During Monday Night Football, as the Grumors-to-Tennessee have slowed, Gruden was ready to pick up right where he left off not even 24 hours after the New York Giants canned their head coach and general manager.

Here's how it went, per 247sports:

"Would Coach Gruden consider coming to the New York Giants?" McDonough asked on ESPN's broadcast of the Week 13 game. "Your name comes up for every job."

"Don't believe half of that stuff you hear and read, Sean," Gruden said.

"Our producer said he saw somewhere the odds of you going to the Giants are 35:1. Would you take the over or the under on 35:1?" McDonough asked.

"I'll take the under on that if Eli comes back," Gruden said.

Manning has two years remaining on his four-year, $84 million contract.

If he were to be released from the Giants before June 1, the Giants would eat $12.4 million in salary, but save $9.8 million in cap room.

They'll have a difficult decision to make this offseason in regards to what direction they believe is correct.

Rebuild with Odell Beckham Jr. and you could be in for the long, slow build back to the top. Stay the course, and the Giants may be left with an aging Manning and no real depth at any position. Or he could have a career resurgence with a new head coach.

It's clear the 36-year-old quarterback has regressed a bit in recent years, but with weapons like Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and even Brandon Marshall, there was no conceivable reason for the Giants offense to struggle the way it did.

Manning should have plenty of interest if he somehow does hit free agency.