Kliff Kingsbury

Could Kliff Kingsbury Really Make the Jump to Become a NFL Head Coach?

If the rumors are true, the USC Trojans might be in the market for yet another offensive coordinator. Why? Because new offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury might be leaving the Trojans for the NFL before he has even coached a game at Southern California.

Kingsbury is to believed to have interviews for the head coaching positions with the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals, according to the NFL Network.

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As many know by now, Kingsbury is one of the top offensive minds in the country. He is the man who was the OC for Texas A&M while Johnny Manziel was there and he also coached Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and MVP-favorite Patrick Mahomes during his time at the helm of the Red Raiders.

With Kingsbury's history with quarterbacks, no wonder he is a hot commodity. However, that is as a offensive coordinator because his record as a head coach is not very good.

His overall record at Texas Tech was 35-40, including 19-35 in Big 12 play. The question many are asking is how can a guy with this record be ready to be a head coach in the NFL?

The answer could be that NFL teams are moving more toward offense than ever before. If you look at the teams that are in the playoffs, several of those teams have great offenses. Kansas City, New Orleans and the Los Angeles Rams are three of highest scoring teams in the league and hold the top seeds in their respective conferences.

The days of a pro-style offense are starting to go out the window. In today's NFL, you don't need a 1,500-yard rusher to make the playoffs.

You do, however, need a great quarterback to take you to to the next level. Kliff Kingsbury's coaching style brings that and more to the table. He is a quarterback guru and an offensive genius.

He has a coached a Heisman Trophy winner and a possible NFL MVP, so of course certain NFL teams are drooling. If Kingsbury is hired and he brings along a decent defensive coordinator, don't be surprised to see him in the postseason next year.

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