Mark Davis, Las Vegas Raiders, NFL
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Fans React To Mark Davis' Pregnant Girlfriend: 'She Just Got A Massive Payday!'

The only thing better than the news that Mark Davis' girlfriend is pregnant may be fans' reaction to the news. Davis, of course, is the 69-year-old owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

And it didn't take long for the Internet to find out about his girlfriend — who is said to be 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins, a Las Vegas local, and Cirque Du Soleil dance performer. How they met, we shall never know.

It's not hard to notice the notable age gap, as Davis is 43 years older than his apparent GF. And now Davis might have transitioned from "sugar daddy" to the actual daddy of Hopkins' first expected child, as the IG model recently announced her pregnancy.

That set social media over the edge.

"Ain't no way that thing still shooting," one X user commented.

"Remember fellas, you're never too old or ugly but you can be too broke," wrote another.

"She just got a massive payday!!!!" insisted a third.

As our Brandon Santomauro wrote:

"Many other fans chimed in with their remarks, about $$$ references, insinuating the beautiful 26-year-old may be a gold digger.

"That is to say, actually almost all the comments were those making the outlandish claims that seemingly the young dancer/model, with over 200k Instagram followers, may be hanging out with Davis only for his money."

Davis, of course, is the son of late Raiders legend and former coach and owner Al Davis. Mark Davis has not had the success of his father — at least not ON the field.

But it appears he may have topped his dad off the field, with a model of a girlfriend who is 43 years his junior. As his dad always said, "Just win, baby." Now, Mark Davis is apparently winning and having a baby.