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Vegas Dancer Vehemently Denies Reports That Mark Davis Is Her Baby's Father

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis was at the center of some major rumors over the weekend, all centered on whether he had a 26-year-old pregnant girlfriend.

Well, the pregnant girl says she is just Davis' friend, and no, the 69-year-old sports tycoon is NOT the father. She said the whole thing took on new life after an irresponsible report from a known NFL social media account. But that account was dead wrong, insisted Hayden Hopkins, the so-called girlfriend in question.

Hopkins, by the way, works as a dancer in Las Vegas.

"I was pictured sitting next to (Davis) at a game in 2022 and have endured false rumors of a romantic relationship since," she said. "I was just a guest sitting in the owner's box with other friends."

Per the New York Post:

"Hopkins added that the 'continued media stories' about the fabricated gossip are 'negatively affecting what should be [her] happiest days.' She ended her message by saying that she and the actual father of her child are looking forward to becoming parents.

"'Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby in the Fall,' she said."

Well, that's a bummer for about 95 percent of the Internet. No one loves a juicy story like a 69-year-old Davis knocking up a 26-year-old girlfriend. Sadly, that fake news will receive considerably more play than what Hopkins swears is the truth. (For the record, we have not yet heard from "Joey.")

Davis, of course, is the son of late Raiders legend and former coach and owner Al Davis. Mark Davis has not had the success of his father — at least not when it comes to the product on the field. But Mark has likely had better-looking guests in the owner's box, even if they aren't Mark's girlfriends.