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Mark Davis 'You're Not The Father,' Hayden Hopkins Says Joey Gallo Is The Baby Daddy

And the results are in... 69-year-old Mark Davis is NOT the father of a secret love child with the mystery blonde girl, who was spotted sitting next to the Raiders owner in his luxury suite during a 2022 December game.

After the internet falsely identified Davis as the baby daddy of Hayden Hopkins' expected child, the 26-year-old has now come out with the real identity of the dad, who is Joey Gallo, 30 year-old left fielder for the Washington Nationals, as reported by TMZ.

The false reports have led many to believe that Hopkins had a sugar daddy, because she was seen next to Davis at the NFL game. With this in mind, it was all a big misunderstanding as looking back on it, Hopkins was probably telling the truth when she claimed that the Las Vegas Raiders/Aces franchise owner was simply just her "neighbor and friend."

Hopkins posted on social media to clear up the confusion surrounding the gossip.

"Reports of Mark Davis being the father of my child are wildly untrue. I was pictured sitting next to him at a game in 2022 and have endured false rumors of a romantic relationship since. I was just a guest sitting in the owner's box with other friends."

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That is, apparently Hopkins visited the owner's suite due to her job, as she is a dancer, affiliated with the Raiderettes, and supposedly also has connections with some players and coaches within the organization.

According to reports now, it was a planned pregnancy with the Major League Baseball player, as Hopkins included in the Instagram post, "Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby in the fall."

So everyone can go back to their daily lives, the rumors were false, and nothing happened between the Raiders owner and professional dancer, who share a 43-year age gap difference.

Gallo is a 10-year MLB veteran, and notably had back-to-back 40 home run seasons during 2017+2018, when he played for the Texas Rangers. Evidently, the baseball player and the dancer met in Las Vegas, as Gallo is from there and that is where Hopkins currently resides.