Former Super Bowl champ ejected after scuffle breaks out on Thursday Night Football bbornstein33/Clippit

Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders are in the middle of a tough battle with the Kansas City Chiefs and things got real heated after his quarterback took a late hit. Derek Carr was already dealing with a serious back injury and took a late hit on this play.

Several players took exception to that and went after Marcus Peters who hit him late and then to make matters worse, Marshawn Lynch came running off the bench and got ejected:

Here’s a closer shot at him illegally contacting an official:

That’s some pretty strong contact and he was ejected from the game for that. You can probably expect a hefty fine for that play as well.

The Chiefs are leading 17-14 at the two minute warning in the first half.

Lynch even left the stadium completely after his ejection:

CBS’ Tracy Wolfson confirmed the information in that tweet as well on the telecast.

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