#7 Matthew Stafford (middle); #19 Jon Gray (on left); #14 Joe Cox (on right)

Matthew Stafford's Wife Says She Dated The Backup QB At Georgia To Make Him Jealous

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford has been married to his wife Kelly for nine years, yet the beginning of their relationship supposedly got off to a rocky start.

Mrs. Stafford was on the Off The Vine podcast, when she was asked to give the story of how she met her now NFL QB husband.

The two were supposedly dating ever since Stafford was playing at the University of Georgia (2006-2008), but apparently it hasn't always been a perfect love story.

"Wasn't that cute of a relationship at first," Kelly Stafford stated. "I hated him. I loved him. I dated the backup to piss him off, which worked. He was the bad boy too. Matthew is so sweet and 'southern gentleman' and all that stuff and the backup was the complete opposite."

Considering this, there are a couple culprits that could be named as the supposed other lover at the time. The internet mainly has it narrowed down to two former Georgia Bulldog players.

#7 Matthew Stafford (middle);
#19 Jon Gray (on left)
#14 Joe Cox (on right);

Georgia backup quarterback Joe Cox (2006-2009) played with Stafford for three seasons.

Then you have some questioning if it could be QB/WR Logan Gray, who played with Stafford in 2008.

Considering the new backup QB for the Rams is Jimmy Garoppolo, who many female fans regard as the most handsome quarterback in the NFL, there have been some who poked fun that the starting QB should watch his back.

All in all, Kelly probably should have kept this information to herself, as now the internet has made this story go viral.

After playing three seasons at Georgia, Stafford has had a storied 15-year career in the NFL. Notably, the 2022 Super Bowl winner was the fastest quarterback in NFL history to accumulate 40,000 career passing yards; in total, Stafford has thrown for 56,047 yards (5th all-time) and 357 touchdowns (11th all-time).