San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo attending a Golden State Warriors game.
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Jimmy Garoppolo Makes Cheerleaders Fawn Over Him at Warriors Game

Jimmy Garoppolo has it all—good looks, charm, confidence, moxie, and an NFL arm. He has everything except the San Francisco 49ers playbook from this past off-season.

Say what you want about his unfamiliarity with RPOs—Jimmy G is who guys want to be and who women want to be with. He goes out and slings passes on Sundays then takes a model on a date the next night. Nope, couldn't be me. I'll take my slot receiver running a slant over the middle after I make the linebacker bite with play action.

Anyway, from his illustrious dating history to his unashamed flirting with Erin Andrews, it's safe to say Jimmy G does alright with the ladies. His latest appearance at a Golden State Warriors game is further proof.

Golden State Warriors Cheerleaders Gush Over Jimmy Garoppolo

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The 49ers crew of Jimmy G, Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, and Kyle Juszczyk decided to watch the Golden State Warriors play the San Antonio Spurs at the Chase Center following their win over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday night. Sitting courtside, the fellas were getting attention from their status as Bay Area sports stars. However, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was the real star of the show.

After one of their performances during a break in the action, several Warriors cheerleaders went out of their way to introduce themselves to the Niners QB. Jimmy G politely greeted them with his million-dollar smile while his teammates might as well have not been there. If you want a lesson in tunnel vision, look no further than these cheerleaders.

And hey, I respect the women for shooting their shot. Jimmy G is the only single one of the bunch. McCaffrey is dating a Miss Universe winner while Kittle and Juszczyk are both married.

Let this be a lesson for all the fellas out there, too. Be a handsome millionaire NFL quarterback and you'll have no trouble finding love.

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