New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara warms up before a game.
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Alvin Kamara's Legal Situation Resolved, Is Suspension Coming?

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge. Is a suspension from the NFL coming?

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara's legal situation has been resolved.

The 27-year-old running back and six-year NFL veteran pleaded no contest Monday as part of a plea deal for his misdemeanor "breach of peace" charge linked to a 2022 fight in Las Vegas, NFL insider Ari Meirov tweeted on Wednesday, July 12.

To refresh your memory on the situation, Kamara and three other men initially faced misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to commit battery and a felony charge of battery with substantial bodily harm. The charges came after Kamara and the three other men were accused of physically harming a man outside a nightclub before the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas in February 2022. The man claimed that Kamara and the men beat him and then "stomped" on him as he was unconscious.

Kamara was taken into custody, and he and the three other men were indicted by a grand jury 10 days later. A civil suit was also filed against Kamara but was settled privately on July 10. With the plea deal, the Saints running back won't face felony charges.

Kamara issued a public apology following the news that he pleaded no contest.

"Please accept my sincere apologies for the events of February 5, 2022, in Las Vegas," the apology stated. "I am happy that we were able to get on the other side of this unfortunate incident, and I wish you the best for the future."

Will Alvin Kamara Be Suspended?

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara looks onto the field.

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Now that this is settled both criminally and civilly, it's time to start wondering when or if Kamara will face a suspension.

On Tuesday, the NFL released a brief statement that said, "We have been closely monitoring all developments in the matter which remains under review."

Battery is labeled as prohibited conduct in the league's personal conduct policy. And although Kamara's plea is not an admission of guilt, it's an acknowledgement there is enough evidence to convict him.

Here's some of the information listed in the official policy:

  • Actual or threatened physical violence against another person, including dating violence, domestic violence, child abuse, and other forms of family violence
  • Assault and/or battery, including sexual assault or other sex offenses

It adds, "It is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime."

"We are all held to a higher standard and must conduct ourselves in a way that is responsible, promotes the values of the NFL, and is lawful," the policy states. "Players convicted of a crime or subject to a disposition of a criminal proceeding ... are subject to discipline."

The NFL has been known to treat incidents on a case-by-case basis. Now that this is fully resolved before the season, it wouldn't be shocking to see Kamara face a six-game suspension.

If Kamara is suspended, the Saints could get help from Kendre Miller, a TCU running back they selected in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

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