Roger Goodell speaks on the left and on the right is an image of a NFL Mexico pylon.
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10 Potential NFL Expansion Cities, From Austin to London

The NFL could expand to as many as 40 teams, and many cities could likely support a franchise. These 10 make the most sense.

It's no secret the NFL is interested in expanding, and ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio told the "Pat McAfee Show" that he believes the NFL aims to eventually expand to 40 teams. Rumors have been swirling around an NFL team landing in England for quite some time, and the league is scheduled to play five games in Europe this season spread between London and Frankfurt, Germany. 

But if the NFL is going to expand in North America, that would mean up to eight new cities would get a football franchise to call their own. So where should the new teams be located? Let's have some fun: Here are my top eight locations in North America for a new NFL team, starting at No. 8 and building up to No. 1. Plus, why not two bonus cities, one of which is across the pond.

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