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Skip Bayless Throws Ezekiel Elliott Jersey in the Trash After Loss

Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. He doesn't hide it, either. Anytime America's Team plays, he talks about it and is never shy to share his opinion. What happened late Sunday night is even crazy by his standards.

After the Cowboys lost at home to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football, Bayless was very upset on social media, and understandably so. Dallas' offense really struggled and only managed 10 points after halftime. The biggest disappointment of all was definitely running back Ezekiel Elliott.

The former All-Pro managed just 47 yards on 20 carries. That made Bayless, who was wearing a Dak Prescott jersey, so furious that he decided to throw his Ezekiel Elliott jersey in the trash.

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"This was probably an overemotional, overreaction late last night. I just couldn't help myself," Bayless said in his tweet.

The Cowboys loss clearly hurt Bayless and Zeke was the main reason why. He was ready to "unleash and unload" on FS1 with Shannon Sharpe on Monday morning.

At 5-4, the Cowboys are still in first place in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles and have a good shot at the playoffs this season. Owner Jerry Jones can't be overly happy with the way the year has gone, but it could be a whole lot worse. After all, the Super Bowl is still in play.

However, with a matchup with the Detroit Lions looming next week and the New England Patriots after that, Dallas needs to get the ground game going and that all starts with Elliott, who earned a massive contract extension just a couple of months ago.

If that happens, Bayless will definitely need to buy another Elliott jersey to add to his collection.

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