NFL’s Biggest Videoboard is Wider and Longer Than Any Football Field
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When the new SoFi Stadium is finally complete, NFL fans from across the world will flock to see it. The new home for the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers is that special. There are tons of cool features, and plenty of bells and whistles, but perhaps the greatest of all is the giant videoboard that is longer and wider than any football field.

The largest videoboard in sports history was completed on July 1, according to the NFL. It is a double-sided LED screen called “Oculus? and is now officially suspended from the venue?s transparent roof.

The new venue will obviously hold more than just football games in California, and the new 120-yard-long videoboard will make the game day and concert fan experience that much better.

SoFi Stadium?s Oculus Videoboard

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The Oculus is absolutely mammoth. It weights 2.2 million pounds, has 70,000 square feet of digital LED and is 1.2 times longer and 1.5 times wide than the football field itself.

Additional to the 4K HDR display, the LA stadium videoboard has more than 260 speakers and has enough wattage strength to power 1,500 home theater systems.

In other words, the new stadium and future home of the Los Angeles NFL teams can probably seen and heard from miles away during the Rams? and Chargers? home games. Could you imagine the test-run on that bad boy?

?The Samsung LED technology represented in the videoboard at SoFi Stadium is unlike anything fans have ever experienced. The design, as well as the board?s video and audio capabilities, are the first of their kind in sports and will set a new precedent for the in-stadium experience.?


? Jason Gannon, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park Managing Director

Between this and Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, there are two new NFL Stadiums ready to debut once the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak allows it. We?ve only received a sneak peek during stadium construction.


The Oculus is ready. It is the largest LED content playback system ever deployed. So whether it?s the preseason, the Super Bowl, the NFL Draft, a college football game, or a Taylor Swift concert, just know inside SoFi Stadium will look incredible.

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