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ESPN analyst defends the Patriots Way after Super Bowl champion's "robotic" comments


Tedy Bruschi must have a lifetime contract with the New England Patriots. Whenever something seems even only somewhat questionable in New England, Bruschi is there to sing the franchise's praises.

Now working as an NFL analyst, Bruschi is often hurled out on various platforms by ESPN to give his opinions on New England related things. They are almost always favorable from a New England perspective.

The most recent of Tedy's waxing poetic was his defense of the Patriots after Philadelphia Eagles talent Lane Johnson pretty much said it isn't fun to play there.

Don't worry, guys, Bruschi had fun in New England.


"Lane Johnson, I don't know what he is talking about. We had so much fun. The ones where I was there, we had so much fun."

He also, literally, called himself a Patriot -- you know, as if he was still on the team.

No need to panic. He kept going.

"The game's over. It's been going on for over a week. Why are you still talking about the team you lost to... I mean you beat. Why are your bringing up the Patriots when all you should be talking about is the celebration of your championship?"

He sees mad. Possibly bias, even.

Anyway, Tedy Bruschi spent his entire career (1996-2008) with the Patriots. During his time with the franchise, New England won three Super Bowls.